Nate Scooberman
Nate Scooberman
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Labrador, Canada
Robin (ex-girlfriend)
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Nate "Scooby" Scooberman dated Robin in early 2011. The gang noted that he has a lot of dog-like mannerisms.

Robin and Scooby's relationship was very short-lived. In A Change of Heart, Robin asks Ted if she can get a dog. When Ted says no, Marshall advises Robin to get a boyfriend. She then meets Scooby in a park and introduces him to the gang. They notice that he behaves very much like a dog, which they point out to Robin.

Later, the gang goes to Ted's apartment to eat "sandwiches". After a while, they wander the streets of New York until they find him peeing at a fire hydrant.

In The Exploding Meatball Sub, Robin says that she has broken up with him.

Episode Appearances

  1. A Change of Heart
  2. The Exploding Meatball Sub

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