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Ted Mosby (ex-boyfriend)
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Natalie is a girl Ted originally dated three years before the Pilot.

Relationship with Ted

Ted had broken up with her on her answering machine on her birthday, for which her friends had set up a surprise party and witnessed the message before Natalie entered her apartment.

In Return of the Shirt, Ted starts to get nostalgic about Natalie and decides to ask her for another chance. When he tries to call her and knocks at her door with a big sock monkey, she makes it perfectly clear how she's still hurt about their break-up, but one cup of coffee later, they hook up and get back together.

Three weeks later, Ted decides to break up with Natalie because she's not the one for him. His well-planned, least-hurtful break-up is shattered, however, when he learns that it's her birthday and his arguments turn out to be futile. Natalie holds no anger inside in his regards and demonstrates her proficiency with Krav Maga by kicking him in the chest and beating the hell out of him. Ted says that she got married a year later and she had three beautiful children.

In Say Cheese, Marshall claims his exasperation of consoling Ted's many ex-girlfriends, one of which was Natalie. He likely performed this consolation after they broke up for the third time (after getting back together with her again as depicted in Challenge Accepted), however, Marshall says that this happened in February 2005, and when Ted decides to call her in October 2005 (as depicted in Return of the Shirt), he mentions having not spoken to her in three years. She had apparently beat up Ted in front of a cheering crowd after the breakup, as mentioned when Ted is writing a letter to himself in Twin Beds. This was also set in 2005.


  • Spouse: Unnamed husband
  • Children: Three children (unnamed)

Episode Appearances

  1. Return of the Shirt
  2. Say Cheese
  3. Twin Beds (mentioned only)
  4. Challenge Accepted (mentioned only)
  5. Noretta (mentioned only)

Notes and Trivia

  • Natalie collects sock monkeys and likes to listen to Belle and Sebastian during intimate moments by tea candle light.
  • In the TV show Friends, Anne Dudek had also played a girl (Precious) who gets broken up on her birthday by her boyfriend, Mike, in the episode The One After Joey and Rachel Kiss.
  • Practices Krav Maga which is Israeli self-defense.

Goofs and Errors

  • In Rabbit or Duck, Marshall and Lily consider Natalie when they try to arrange-marriage Ted, despite the fact that she's happily married and has three children.
  • In Noretta, Ted is seen calling her for a Weird Al Yankovic concert, despite them ending on bad terms.

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