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Bar Paly
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Natalia is a girl who Barney and Ted both have a date with in Rabbit or Duck.

In Rabbit or Duck, after showing his phone number in the Superbowl, Barney gets a call from Natalia and ditches the girl he is already trying to sleep with in his apartment to meet Natalia at MacLaren's. However, his phone keeps ringing, and distracts him from talking to Natalia, so he runs out and throws it in the dumpster behind the bar. He then takes Natalia to his apartment and tries to sleep with her, but he hears the phone ringing in the distance. He goes to MacLaren's and jumps in the dumpster to retrieve his phone.

Marshall and Lily were supposed to pick a girl for Ted to marry and have a double date with them both, but forgot about it. They remember it at the last moment and pick Natalia after she called Barney again and they answered instead (since he give his phone to them). Ted is reluctant to go out with a "phone girl", but when Marshall tell him that she is a a world class violinist, a gourmet cook, and can quote every line from Caddyshack, Ted agrees to go have a date with her. Natalia tells Ted that she has to leave the country as her visa is about to expire and Marshall and Lily hint that Ted should marry her. However, Ted leaves to meet another girl at MacLaren's, who he talked to on Barney's phone, which he found in his apartment (where Lily hid it).

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