Mrs. Matsen
Mrs. Matsen
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Mrs. Matsen is an old lady who lives close to The Apartment.


In As Fast As She Can, Mrs. Matsen interrupts the conversation between Ted and Stella.

In Oh Honey, Ted and Zoey are kissing in the hallway when Mrs. Matsen pokes her head out the door and sees them, saying nothing. She's holding her phone and quietly sneaks back into her apartment, telling Marshall on the phone, "They're kissing".

In The Magician's Code - Part Two, Ted calls Victoria and asks her if she wants to get together and they make plans to meet at 1:30. Then, she walks into the bar in a wedding dress. Later, Mrs. Matsen walks in congratulates Ted and tells her friend "I told you he wasn't gay".

Episode Appearances

  1. As Fast As She Can
  2. Oh Honey
  3. The Magician's Code - Part Two

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