Mrs. Buckminster
Mrs. Buckminster
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Barney Stinson (one night-stand)
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Mrs. Buckminster is an elderly British woman who appeared in Nannies, while Marshall and Lily were looking for a nanny.


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Mrs. Buckminster comforts Marshall and Lily after telling them her salary.

In October 2012, Marshall and Lily met Mrs. Buckminster who they think is the perfect nanny for Marvin, but they can't afford her salary. They met another nanny who comes from the same city as Marshall and seems like a perfect match, but after her last interview of the day she tells them that she won't be becoming a nanny because she met a rich man. Lily and Marshall immediately realize it was Barney, but when they met her at his apartment, she refuses to be a nanny for people who are friends with such a person.

The next morning, as Lily is about to call in sick for work, since there is no one to take care of Marvin, Mrs. Buckminster shows up at the apartment stating that Barney paid her salary in remorse for chasing off their nanny. However, Lily turns her down as she is not ready to let a stranger take care of Marvin. She then hires Mickey as Marvin's nanny.

Later that same day, after Barney is cornered and beaten up by all the nannies he fooled, he tries to hook up with a girl at the bar using one of his old techniques, but is stopped by Mrs. Buckminster, who he has hired to put and end to his womanizing ways. He thanked her and ends up sleeping with her.

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