Portrayed by:
First appearance:
Full name:
Molly MacKenzie [1]
Home town:
Shaker Heights, Ohio
Ted Mosby (one-night stand)
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Molly Mackenzie is the girl who Ted lost his virginity to.

In First Time In New York, Ted tells Katie about his first time, in which he told Molly he loved her when he didn't, borrowed $20, and he never saw her again. But actually, it happened the other way around, she didn't mean it when she said she loved him.

Notes and Trivia

"Ted Mosby is most definitely NOT a jerk! He is a sweet, sensitive guy. I was the one who was a jerk. Ted was pure and innocent, so I manipulated him to get what I wanted. Then I ditched him right away, taking twenty bucks on the way out. Ted! If you read this, I am so sorry." [2]
However it is worth noting that the website is non-official and is written by a fan.


  1. Do I Know You? - Molly's surname is revealed
  2. Letter from Molly Mackenzie

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