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Ron Nicolosi
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TV Cameraman
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Mike is the cameraman at Robin's morning show Come On, Get Up New York!. He was also a cameraman at Metro News 1 when Robin worked there.

Mike the cameraman

Mike at Metro News 1

Apart from cameraman duties, he runs several errands at the workplace, going as far as reading the news when Robin accompanies her eloping friends Marshall and Lily in Atlantic City. However, Mike has also shown neglect in his duties, such as sleeping on the job and buying deep-fried chicken during streaming or leaving a chair in his place.

Episode Appearances

  1. Atlantic City
  2. Monday Night Football
  3. Something Blue
  4. Last Cigarette Ever
  5. Hooked
  6. Of Course
  7. Baby Talk
  8. Canning Randy
  9. The Ashtray

Notes and Trivia

  • Mike has been "on the hook" for Robin, Anita, and Becky respectively in Hooked, Of Course and Canning Randy, although both girls never show even the most remote of interests in him.
  • Mike seems to follow Robin wherever she goes. This may be because he was on her hook.

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