Michael Sasser
Portrayed by:
Max Prado
First appearance:
Also Known As:
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Michael "Gasser" Sasser was Lily's high school classmate.

In Happily Ever After, Lily tells Ted he is being stupid, and says he should face Stella. Ted replies that Lily would do the same thing in his position, if 'Gasser' walked in.

Lily reveals that, in ninth grade biology, she was sat next to a boy named Michael Sasser, who was a loser on the edge of becoming a cool kid due to his having grown twelve inches and joining the baseball team. In one lesson, Lily farted loudly, and blamed Sasser for it, giving him the nickname 'Gasser', and he was teased so badly he had to change schools.

Lily says that if Michael were to walk in, she would go over and apologize, and face her fear, inviting Ted to do the same.

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