This page is about Marshall's law school friend who dated Robin. For The Mother's late boyfriend, see Max.
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Robin (ex-girlfriend)
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Max is an old law school friend of Marshall's who dated Robin briefly.

Max prompted a race from MacLaren's Pub to a steakhouse he was dining at downtown when he texted Marshall that Woody Allen was there. When Barney, Ted and Robin arrived, they learned that Max had confused Woody Allen with Maury Povich. However, it lead to him hooking up with Robin. According to Lily, they bonded over hockey. (Subway Wars)

Robin confided to Lily that Max has a small penis. When Lily absentmindedly passed the information on to Marshall, it made Marshall very uncomfortable. Eventually, Max broke up with Robin because she liked to do something in the bedroom that made him uncomfortable. Barney and Ted, who also dated Robin, understood and agreed that that "wasn't for everyone". (Architect of Destruction)

Episode Appearances

  1. Subway Wars (First Appearance)
  2. Architect of Destruction

Notes and Trivia

  • Prior to starting his own small law firm, Max worked for another company but he quit.

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