Maury Povich
Portrayed by:
First appearance:
Full name:
Maurice Richard Povich
Home town:
January 17, 1939
Talk show host
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Maury Povich is an American television talk show host.

In Subway Wars, Marshall learns that his friend Max from law school has just spotted Woody Allen at a restaurant downtown. While Robin is interested in seeing him, the rest of the gang isn't, saying they've seen him plenty of times and teasing Robin about not being a "real" New Yorker, as she's from Canada. Robin tries to impress them by saying she has seen Maury Povich, but the gang is again unimpressed, as they have all seen him many times as well. The group then begins arguing on what the fastest way to get to the restaurant would be, and quickly decide to race each other there: Ted rides the bus, Lily takes the subway, Robin opts to hail a cab, Marshall decides to run there on foot, and Barney claims to have the fastest method of all while even enjoying a steak first.

During the race, Lily dives into a subway just as the doors are closing. Except, they weren't closing at all and she had plenty of time. Maury Povich, sitting on the subway, looks up and mutters, "Idiot". Robin gets a cab, but just as she's about to get in Maury Povich steals it from her. Ted is on the bus, sitting near Maury Povich. Marshall keeps running, passing Maury Povich on the way. Halfway through the race, the group all coincidentally meet up, and though Ted proposes they declare a tie, they immediately continue the race. When they're gone, Maury Povich walks out of the store. Later, on the subway, Lily gets up to leave and sees Robin crying in the next car over. She gives Robin a hug and when the conductor delivers a garbled message that Lily can understand but Robin can't, Lily distracts Robin by pointing out Maury Povich and leaves. Marshall faints in front of a hardware store. When he wakes up, he yells at Ted that he can't get his wife pregnant. Maury Povich then walks out of the hardware store with an Xbox, looking confused at Marshall.

Finally Robin wins the race and sits down to eat with Max, then asks where Woody Allen is. He points out Woody, who is sitting with his back to them. When he turns around, we see it's actually Maury Povich and Max admits he always get those two mixed up.

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