Mary appears for the first and only time in Season 1 Episode 19 of HIMYM entittled "Mary the Paralegal". Mary is a paralegal who lives in Barney's appartment building, whom he envites to Robin's awards banquet as Teds date. Barney leads Ted to beleive that she is a prostitute which later leads to an uncomfortable interaction between Ted and Mary. The last we hear of Mary is when Ted tells Barney, "She slapped me and stormed off". Her last name is never revealed. Mary is palyed by Erinn Bartlett .
Mary and Ted at the Hotel.

Mary and Ted

Mary and Ted (Mary the Paralegal)

Ted and Mary


[Ted not knowing the real deal Ted: Ok, look. Mary. I like you a lot. I'm sort of amazed at how much I like you, but... I can't do this, You're a hooker.

Mary: What? 

Ted: Maybe I'm old fashioned, but I'm sorry. That's a deal breaker for me. I'm not going to have sex with a prostitute. 

Mary: Ted, I'm a paralegal.

Ted: C'mon Mary. There's no-one else around. You're a hooker.

Mary: No, Ted. I'm a paralegal.

Ted: No... You're a hooker

Mary: No... I'm a paralegal. 

[Ted, pausing, realisation, consternation]

Ted: You're a paralegal. 

[Mary raises eyebrow

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