Mary is a paralegal that lives in Barney's apartment building. She was invited, by Barney, to go to Robin's award dinner. Barney led Ted to believe that she is a prostitute, unbeknownst to Mary. Ted and Marshall awkwardly played along with her paralegal "story" and Mary remained oblivious. Ted and Mary connected very well, and Ted really enjoyed spending time with her, and Ted was amazed at how much he liked her, he even told her how hot he found her, until Barney gave Ted a key to a Hotel Room. Mary and Ted got up to the Hotel Room, and Ted tried to get Mary to admit she was a prostitute, and drop the Paralegal story. Mary told Ted that she's a paralegal and when Ted realized Mary wasn't a prostitute, Mary was offended and she slapped Ted and left, and never appeared again. She lives in New York, New York, and she is a Paralegal at a made-up Law Firm called "Douglas O'Holloran and Stamp." Her age and Last Name are never revealed.

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