Marshall and Tracy
Started Friendship
Current Status
Former Friends (Tracy dies in 2024)

General Outline

Chronologically, Marshall is the third member of the gang to meet Tracy.

After stealing Darren's van in an act of Aldrin Justice, Tracy picks up Marshall from the side of the road after the bus he was riding broke down. Marshall is at first freaked out that Tracy knows so much about him, believing her to be psychic. Tracy then tells Marshall that she met Lily on the train, and thats how she knows about him and Marvin.

She tells Marshall about her band, and they bond, since Marshall also has a band, "The Funk, The Whole Funk, and Nothing But The Funk ". She also tells him about Darren, and Marshal persuades her to return to the Farhampton Inn, and confront Darren.

They see each other again two days later at Barney and Robin's wedding, but don't actually interact. 

They become good friends when Tracy starts dating Ted. He comments on a decoration in their bedroom, when they move into their house. Marshall attends their wedding in 2020.

Marshall and Tracy's friendship ends when she dies in 2024. It can be assumed that Marshall, along with the rest of the gang, attends Tracy's funeral. 

Significant Episodes

Season 9