Marshall & Lily's Italian Residence


Rome, Italy
First Appearance

This is the house or apartment that Marshall & Lily reside in during their one year in Italy for Lily's job as The Captain's art consultant. It is seen in the flashforward at the end of Daisy.


  1. Marshall and Lily
  2. Marvin W. Eriksen
  3. Daisy Eriksen
  4. Judy Eriksen
  5. Mickey Aldrin


  • This is one of four known residences that Marshall and Lily have owned/lived in at some point in their lives, the other three being the Apartmenttheir second apartment, and their house.
  • It is unknown if this home is actually owned by Marshall and Lily, or if it is owned by the Captain, who might have offered to rent it to them as a thank you to Lily.

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