Marissa Heller
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The Apartment (former owner)
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Marissa Heller, was the former resident of The Apartment before Marshall and Ted moved in.

Ted continued to get her mail over the next few years until he, Marshall, Lily and Barney met her when they decided to sneak into the swanky Van Smoot party, to which they had gotten an invitation addressed to her, at the historic Alberta Building. Upon arriving there they met Marissa, and after a talk with Ted, he and the rest of the gang were invited in.

For the most part, the gang finds her to be overly pretentious, a quality which Ted finds very attractive and calls "Dibs".

Throughout the snobby party, Marissa continues to show interest in Ted, due to the pretentious qualities he displays which the rest of his friends usually mock him for. However at the last minute he receives a picture of Mexican Wrestler Ted, and leaves Marissa at the party. (Robots Versus Wrestlers)

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