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The Ultimate Girl Next Door
Marine Biologist
Adam (boyfriend; future husband)
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Maggie Wilks is Ted's ultimate girl next door. She attended Wesleyan University with Ted, Marshall and Lily, and Ted felt that she was the perfect girl for him.

The thing about Maggie is that her relationships are very long-lasting. Her last three relationships before The Window (the episode centered around her) lasted two, three and four years respectively. The only times she was single were marked by the very short periods.

In the episode, Ted tries to keep Maggie away from all men, ensuring that any human contact made with her was made by women. But when he has to cover an evening architecture class, he finds it hard to keep her under his surveillance. After fighting with Barney (wearing overalls for a bet) and a work colleague of Maggie's over her, he manages to find her apartment, where she took off to.

However, when Ted knocks, he finds her re-united with Adam, her new boyfriend. She recounts their story - they grew up as kids and were about to start a teen relationship when Adam had to relocate. Now that they have found each other again, they have "catching-up" to do. Ted finally understands that Maggie and Adam were meant for each other, and although he salutes Maggie's co-worker with a "see you next time", Future Ted comments how Maggie's window never opened again, and a future scene is shown with Maggie and Adam happily overseeing their family playing in the garden.


  • Spouse: Adam (future husband)
  • Children: Unnamed children

Notes and Trivia

  • Maggie is a marine biologist by day and mentors inner-city kids by night, as she tells Lily and Marshall.
  • When Ted accidentally writes Maggie's name on the blackboard during his class on bridges, he tries to pass it off as an Architecture acronym: Make Adjustments, Go Get It Energized.
  • Joanna Garcia who plays Maggie was dating Nick Swisher when the episode aired and Nick Swisher guest starred in a later episode.

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