Love Solutions


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Love Solutions is a matchmaking service with a 100% track record.

Robin and Barney recommend Ted try out the service but he is not interested so Barney tricks Ted into going by telling him that his boat is sinking.

Ellen Pierce, the woman in charge of the matchmaking service, states that she "can work with" a skeptical Ted and convinces him that she can truly help him find a soul mate in 3 days. He returns to Love Solutions, only to find that his chances for finding a soul mate are zero. The closest match compatible with Ted has already been matched up. Ted sneaks back in and finds out she is a dermatologist and makes an appointment to see her. He learns that she is engaged and will be getting married in a few days.

Mtchmaker 02

Ted steals a dermatologist girl's file

Later when Ted returns to Love Solutions, and finds that because he has no soul mate (according to the computer), the company is ruined, as the 100% success rate no longer exists. Ted, however, has hope that he will find his soul mate and says she can help as she is now doing it for free.

About 6 months later, in Milk, Ted gets a call from Love Solutions, saying that they have found him a match. He goes and finds a new guy in charge there called Bob Rorschach instead of Ellen Pierce, as the company has merely changed hands. Bob gives Ted a perfect girl's file who meets all of the standards on his checklist. This costs Ted $500.


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