Portrayed by:
Robert Belushi
First appearance:
Bartender at the Farhampton Inn
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Linus is the bartender at the Farhampton Inn.


In Coming Back, Lily pays him $100 to make sure that she always has a drink in her hand, for their entire stay at the Inn. Linus tells her that it is called "The Kennedy Package". He consistently hands Lily drinks seconds after she finishes hers, even going as far as giving her 6 in a row when Ted tries to take them away from her. Every time Linus hands her a drink, Lily replies "Thank you, Linus." It is revealed that the drinks are not alcoholic.

In The Lighthouse, Linus tells Lily that they are running out of glasses when she keeps breaking them, after learning about Marshall's judgeship.

In Bass Player Wanted, the Mother opens up to Linus, practicing what she would say to Darren on him. Linus tells her that she can't fire him, as he also fell for Darren's act. The Mother then asks Linus for the "Kennedy Package", which he points out has been very popular that weekend. Linus witnesses Darren quitting, and is asked by the Mother to give the best man, responsible for Darren's departure and shiner, a double of their finest scotch—coincidentally a 35-year-old Glen McKenna.

In Unpause, the gang continues ordering 35-year Glenn McKenna from Linus. At the end of the night, Linus hands Ted a large bill for the drinks, which he tells Linus to charge to the Bride's room, after learning that Robin comes from a wealthy family.

Episode Appearances

  1. Coming Back
  2. Last Time in New York
  3. The Broken Code
  4. The Lighthouse
  5. Mom and Dad
  6. Bass Player Wanted
  7. Slapsgiving 3: Slappointment in Slapmarra
  8. Unpause
  9. How Your Mother Met Me
  10. Rally
  11. Daisy


  • Linus appears without lines, in the background, of multiple episodes throughout Season 9.

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