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Lily's Kindergarten


First appearance
P.S. 129, New York City

Lily's Kindergarten is the kindergarten Lily Aldrin works at. Lily teaches and also coaches basketball for the kids. (Murtaugh)

Activities include coloring, finger painting, show and tell, nap time, sharing and other kindergarten activities. Lily also has a couple of friends who teach there, including Jillian and Shelly.

Scooter went on to work as a lunch lady at Lily's Kindergarten. (Ted is at MacLaren's telling the gang about this woman, Tiffany. She says she's really into him, but can't be with him "right now." The gang sees through her ruse, telling Ted that he's been "hooked," a euphemism for stringing someone along until they meet someone better.

Everyone has an example: Marshall did a high school classmate's homework and was her "secret boyfriend", Robin allows her pre-morning show cameraman to pamper her, and Lily's high school flame, Scooter (David Burtka), works at her school as cafeteria staff, where she doesn't exactly tell him that a romantic relationship is impossible.

Ted refuses to believe that he has been hooked, and continues waiting for Tiffany. When she shows up to the bar with her co-workers, Barney is excited to see that she and all her friends are pharmaceutical representatives, which he calls the "hot-chick" profession of their generation (like the nurse or stewardess was in the past).

All the while, Ted himself has "hooked" Henrietta, a librarian from Columbia. Henrietta treats Ted just like he treats Tiffany, even assembling an elegant dinner when he drops by. Ted is just as dismissive of Henrietta as Tiffany is of him. Ted is invited to go to a wedding with Tiffany, which he sees as a sign of commitment, so he meets her in the room with champagne. However she enters with the best man, the guy who has "hooked" her. Ted leaves, intent on making sure Henrietta doesn't feel the same heartbreak.

Unfortunately, he took the best man's jacket by accident, which had the wedding ring inside. Bending over at Henrietta's door to tie his shoes, the ring falls out, and Henrietta opens the door to see Ted down on his knee, in a tuxedo, with a ring in his hand. She says yes, and introduces him to her visiting parents. Ted explains what has happened and that they will never be together.

Meanwhile, Marshall tries to get Lily to let Scooter know she is never going to be with him, but she is immobilized by Scooter's puppy-dog eyes. Marshall uses Barney's teacup pig (in a cute blanket) to train Lily to resist Scooter. Eventually, it works, and the two head down to the cafeteria, but even though Lily is able to tell Scooter it will never happen, Marshall himself can't resist Scooter's charm, telling him to just wait until he is dead.)


Known StudentsEdit

  • Doug
  • Jamie
  • Samantha
  • Ben


  • Lily's class
  • Lily's Kindergarten
  • Barney and Robin on Lily's Kindergarten class
  • Scooter

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