Liddy Gates
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Wedding planner
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Liddy Gates is the wedding planner for Barney and Robin's wedding.

Show Outline

In Romeward Bound, Barney catches Ted looking at Liddy at the bar, who is wearing a big puffy coat at the time. Ted tells him that they take a yoga class together and she has a “ridonkulous” body. Barney then starts obsessing over getting Liddy to take her coat off so he can see her body, even paying Carl to turn the heat up in the bar. Later Robin walks into the bar and greets Liddy. She then reminds Barney that Liddy is their wedding planner. When Robin notices Ted and Barney acting weirdly around Liddy, she asks Barney about this, and Barney tells her. To their surprise, Robin tells them that she is also wondering why Liddy never takes her coat off. Robin also asks Ted why he didn't ask Liddy out. Ted tells her that he almost did the first time they met, but he was left speechless when she took off her coat and he saw her body. Barney laments about Marshall not being here; being in a committed relationship, he could ask girls to do anything without being weird. Robin then says that Barney should ask Liddy to take her coat off, as he's also in a committed relationship. With some hesitation, Barney asks Liddy to take her coat off, which she does. Robin and Barney are then left speechless when they see her body.

Notes and Trivia

  • According to Ted and then later, Barney and Robin, Liddy has a "ridonkulous" body.
  • Barney mentions Liddy in his blog, Ridonkulous.

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