For the episode of the same name, see Karma.

This is a gallery of images taken from the How I Met Your Mother episode Karma.

  • Ted and Barney at the Lusty Leopard
  • Ted and Barney see Quinn performing at the Lusty Leopard
  • Ted grilling meat in Robin's old room
  • Barney talks to Quinn at the Lusty Leopard
  • Lily and Marshall, eating ice cream and watching TV while wearing a snugget
  • Patrice waits for Robin at her apartment
  • Lily throws ice cream at Robin's clothes to stop her from leaving
  • Robin visualizes Lily with a sludge hammer
  • Quinn gives Barney a dance
  • Ted doing woodwork in Robin's old room
  • Barney tells Quinn what they have in common
  • Barney waits for Quinn to respond about his request for a second date
  • Ted breaks a chair when Barney tells him that he might love Quinn
  • Barney brings roses for Quinn for their date at the Lusty Leopard
  • Quinn greets Barney
  • Quinn takes Barney to the champagne room
  • Quinn dances for Barney
  • Quinn asks Barney for more money
  • Quinn feels bad for playing Barney after he confronts her and leaves
  • Barney bumps into Quinn at a coffee house
  • Barney and Quinn talk about what happened
  • Barney is surprised that Quinn remembers everything he told her about himself
  • Barney and Quinn have coffee together
  • Ted doing pottery in Robin's old room
  • Ted meets Robin for the first time after she moved out
  • Ted moves out of the apartment
  • Ted decorates Robin's old room as a nursery for Marshall and Lily's baby

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