Portrayed by:
Aisha Kabia
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Brad (ex-boyfriend)
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Kara is Brad Morris's on-and-off girlfriend.

In World's Greatest Couple, Marshall is having a hard time coping with being single, starts hanging out with Brad, who is also recently single. They go to dinner and Marshall begins to feel like he and Brad are in a romantic relationship: Brad pays for dinner, helps Marshall with his coat, and invites Marshall to go to a wedding in Vermont with Brad. Marshall arrives at Brad's apartment to go to the wedding, and sees Brad holding flowers. Marshall tries to break up with Brad, but just then Kara comes out and Brad tells him that they got back together last night and that the flowers were actually for her.

She is mentioned in The Stamp Tramp and Twelve Horny Women, where it's revealed that Kara and Brad had broken up once again, causing Brad to drastically change his personality. He then uses his breakup with Kara as a way of appealing to the female jury in order to win the Gruber Pharmaceuticals case.

Future Ted mentions in Ted Mosby: Architect that Kara is the Attorney General of the United States in the year 2030.

Episode Appearances

  1. Ted Mosby: Architect
  2. World's Greatest Couple

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