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Second Grade Teacher
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Jillian is one of the teachers at Lily's Kindergarten.

In Woooo!, Lily suggests that Robin come with her to Jillian's birthday party. Robin and Lily arrive at Giddy Ups, a western style bar, for Jillian's party, hoping that she didn't realize what kind of place it was.

They soon find out that her friend is actually a 'Woo girl', a single girl who loves to go out partying and constantly shouts "woo!". Robin starts hanging out with the woo girls, so she can have fun with other unmarried women.

Lily tries to hang out with Robin by becoming a woo girl, but can't get it right. Robin explains that Lily can't be a woo girl because she is happy. Robin translates each of the girl's woos, and shows that that each of them is miserable. Jillian's "woo" translates that she is worried she'll never become a mother. One of the other girl's "woos" translate that she's secretly in love with Jillian.

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