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Between jobs. Previously a banker and internet entrepreneur.
Ted - Dated twice.
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Jen is a girl who went on a blind date with Ted in Double Date.

Show OutlineEdit

In 2009, Jen and Ted meet for a blind date. However, partway through the date, they both realized they had a blind date with each other nearly seven years earlier, that they had both previously forgotten about. To figure out what went wrong, they decide to spend the night retracing the steps from their first date.

Even though the night is a success, and they learn a lot from one another about all the wrong things they do on first dates, they decide not to see each other again.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Jen enjoys dressing up her many cats in costumes.
  • In S7E6 Mystery vs. History, Jen can be seen at the table behind Ted during his date with Janet Mcintyre

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