Jefferson Coatsworth
Jefferson Coatsworth
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Interviewer at Nicholson, Hewitt and West
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Jefferson "Jeff" Coatsworth is the interviewer of the the law firm Nicholson, Hewitt and West.

In I'm Not That Guy​, Marshall has gotten the job at the NRDC, a company that defends America's nature. The next day, Marshall has an interview with, Nicholson, Hewitt and West, a company that does the complete opposite.

Marshall is surprised at how young and understanding his interviewer, Jefferson Coatsworth, is, and agrees to go to dinner with him. Barney asserts that Coatsworth is trying to seduce Marshall, but Lily says Marshall should still go to the dinner. Although Marshall agrees to take the job, he regrets it the next day and goes to tell Coatsworth that he changed his mind. Coatsworth takes him to an amusement park and tells him that they will be his only client, at which point Marshall decides that he will definitely take the job, even to the point of saying that the amusement park was the "least evil place in the world", of course the park was evil due to safety scandals and E-COLI outbreaks (it is unknown if Jeff caused this). Three years after the events of I'm Not That Guy Coatsworth is arrested.

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