Insane Duane
Portrayed by:
Todd Grinnell
First appearance:
Sheila (wife)
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Insane Duane was Barney's best friend before he met the gang.

The last time Barney saw him was when he made a bet with him at MacLaren's to pick up a girl by saying one word. Barney next sees him at a store for children in Symphony of Illumination. He tells Barney that after he slept with that girl (Sheila), she got pregnant and they got married. By seeing how miserable he is, Barney tells Robin that he can't have a baby, when he thinks that she is pregnant. Barney again encounters Duane after learning that Robin is not pregnant, and from his perspective Duane and his family appear much happier, indicating that, now that Barney no longer faces the prospect of becoming a father, he finds children cute again.


  • Spouse: Sheila
  • Children: 4, unnamed

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