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This is a place where How I Met Your Mother users can gather information about the Wiki.


This is the Community Noticeboard. Please check here for any tasks or announcements made to or from the community. Please feel free to add any items to the board.


  • For a full list of users, see here.
  • Administrators for the How I Met Your Mother Wiki can be found here.
  • Users new to the site are listed here.

Current Projects

See the Current Projects page for a list of the current undergoing projects on the How I Met Your Mother Wiki.


The following pages haven't been used anywhere in the How I Met Your Mother Wiki. Find a use for them, or otherwise tag them for deletoin.

Links are a wonderful thing; see if you can provide some for the following pages.

Add categories to the following uncatgeorized pages so they can be more easily found.


The following pages are linked to in the How I Met Your Mother Wiki, but don't yet exist. It'd be a big help if you could create some of these wanted pages.


These are articles on the How I Met Your Mother Wiki that are under the Marked pages category. These are pages that could do with additional information, images, or are subject to change.

48 Article stubs
0 Image Needed
5 Articles in need of cleanup
60 Articles to be rewritten
10 Articles under construction
7 Future articles
2 Articles missing references


These are a list of pages that require user maintenance to keep the How I Met Your Mother Wiki at a high quality standard.

Editing Tips

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