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Mr. Honeywell
Senior partner at Honeywell & Cootes
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Honeywell is a senior partner of Honeywell & Cootes, and Marshall Eriksen's boss.

In The Stamp Tramp, Marshall decides to recommend Brad to Honeywell as an associate partner. Lily notes that this has already earned him the ire of Honeywell, after treating his colleagues to food from a restaurant with unsanitary health ratings, giving them food poisoning. Honeywell is not impressed with Brad's attitude and later removes Marshall from the Gruber Pharmaceuticals case, but Marshall gets back on his good side with Ted and Lily's help.

At the hearing, Marshall and Honeywell are stunned to see Brad among Gruber's lawyers. The company, who had actually hired Brad during those two years he told Marshall he was unemployed, planted him as a bum to spy on the law firm. Honeywell warns Marshall that he will be fired if Gruber wins the case.

Episode Appearances

  1. The Stamp Tramp
  2. Twelve Horny Women

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