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Librarian at Columbia University
Ted Mosby (crush, ex-fiancée)
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Henrietta is a librarian at Columbia University that was infatuated with Ted during Hooked. She would cuddle with him, share chocolate cake and give him foot rubs.Unfortunately, Ted did not reciprocate these feelings, who felt that they were just friends. When the rest of the gang told Ted how Henrietta was in love with him, he denied it, and decided to spend the night hanging out with Henrietta, as friends, to prove them wrong. However, as soon as Ted arrived at her apartment, she told him (under her breath) that she loved him. She also offered him a foot rub, prepared a huge feast (complete with ice sculpture) for him, and brought her parents to meet him (who initially didn't believe Ted existed).When Tiffany calls Ted, he quickly leaves Henrietta. However, later that night he realizes that Henrietta really is in love with him. In order to end her infatuation and spare her feelings, he returns to her apartment to tell her they'll never be together. Waiting for the door to open, Ted bends on one knee to tie his shoe, and picks up a ring that falls out of his jacket. Opening the door, Henrietta thinks Ted is proposing, and quickly shouts "Yes!".She pulls him inside, and her parents congratulate the two of them on their engagement. Ted considers marrying her simply out of awkwardness, but instead takes her aside and tells her he never wants to be with her. Then she asks if they're still getting married.


  • Mother: Unnamed Mother
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