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Hammond Druthers
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Hammond Druthers was the boss and ex-co-worker at the architectural firm Ted worked at.

Show OutlineEdit

Season 2Edit

Hammond's new "building" design

He was the kind of boss that everyone hated, arrogant and a pain in the ass. To try to make him a better person, Lily stole his baseball signed three times by Pete Rose, but instead, he said that if the thief didn't return the ball until the next day, he would begin to fire three persons on each hour. Ted convinced Lily to give him the ball, and she was fired. When his project for a building (which, according to the other characters, looked very similar to a penis) was refused, Ted shown a design he had been working on to his firm's client, and they liked it. (Aldrin Justice)

Ted became Hammond's boss, but he still behaved like a jerk, so Ted asked his boss what to do, and he said to fire him. After trying to fire him on his birthday, Ted finally fired him after Hammond received the divorce papers from his wife, detailing that he would be given the remains of his dog, and while he was having a heart attack, although Ted thought he was faking it. (Columns)

Season 9Edit

In Platonish he appeared in a flashback set in the Fall of 2012. He offered Ted a job in his architectural firm in Chicago, which Ted rejected.


  • Spouse: Unnamed ex-wife

Episode AppearancesEdit

  1. Aldrin Justice
  2. Columns
  3. Platonish (flashback)

Notes and TriviaEdit

Hammond architecture weekly
JediRogueAdded by JediRogue
  • He appeared in the cover of Architecture Weekly in the 80s.

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