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Tyler Stinson
Robin (crush)
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Grant is an actor who played Barney's fake son, Tyler.

In The Stinsons, the gang follows Barney to a house in Staten Island and find out that Barney has been hiding a woman from them: his mother, Loretta Stinson. But the bigger shock comes when they are joined by his wife Betty and son Tyler.

Once his mother is out of earshot, Barney explains that Betty and Tyler are actually actors he hired to play his family. Years ago, when Loretta looked like she was going to die, Barney hired an actress, Margaret, to play his pregnant fiancée, Betty, since his mother had always wanted to see him settle down with a family. When his mother miraculously got better, Barney was forced to keep up the ruse and cast Grant to play his son.

Robin bonds with Grant discussing their troubled careers. Grant has a crush on her and even towards the end tries to kiss her.

Barney eventually confesses the whole story to his mother. Loretta is surprised but forgiving. She admits that she hates Betty and Tyler and even Barney's "fake friends".

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