Giddy Ups

Woooo 5

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Giddy Ups is a country-themed bar located in New York City where Lily and Robin went to celebrate Jillian's birthday party in Woooo!.

Giddy Ups has a lot of different drinks to offer, as well as a ride on a mechanical bull, suitable for the country music that runs there often.

In Woooo!, Lily suggests that Robin come with her to a birthday party for one of the teachers at her school. When they arrive at a western style bar for her friend's party they soon find out that her friend, Jillian, is actually a 'Woo girl', a single girl who loves to go out partying and constantly shouts "woo!"

Later, Barney arrives to explain how much the world needs woo girls to Lily and Robin, then sets out to try and pick them up. At the end, Ted ties Barney to a mechanical bull and goes home. Barney is freed three hours later, but is so dizzy he misses out on a three-way with the woo girls.

In The Window, Barney asks Ted if he wants to wingman him at Giddy Ups, so he can find someone to hook up with to complete his self given challenge of hooking up with a girl while wearing overalls.


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