Future Marshall in 2030

Future Marshall is the Marshall of all events/flashforwards that occur after Barney & Robin's Wedding. His first appearance being the 2014 version, and his last known appearance being 2038, chronologically, though the latter version has him appearing in 2009 through time travel.

Most information about him can be found on the main page for Marshall Eriksen.

Future Marshall Appearances

Notes & Trivia

  • It is shown in Rally that he goes bald very quickly from the stress of his election campaign for NY State Supreme Court.
  • Unlike Future Ted & Future Lily, his aging has been correct in every appearance he has made.
  • He & Lily are seen in 2030 taking their son to college.
  • It is unknown how Future Marshall traveled from 2038 to 2009, and it is also unknown what happened to him afterwards.

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