Future Lily in 2030

Future Lily is the Lily seen in all flashforwards that occur after the events of the series. 

As Future Lily and Lily Aldrin are the same person most information about her can be found on the main Lily Aldrin page. 

Future Lily Appearances

Notes & Trivia

  • Unlike Future Ted, Future Lily has actually been seen in the year 2030. She is seen taking Marvin to college, along with Marshall. In 2030 she also learns more about the time Robin left Marvin with Mike Tyson.
  • Like Future Ted, she appears in flashforwards outside the year 2030, and has varying appearances according to her age at the time. There are also inconsistencies with her appearance as well, as she looks younger taking Marvin to college than when she is celebrating Marshall's election to the NY State Supreme Court, even though she is 10 years older when taking Marvin to Wesleyan University. In the series finale,Ted and The Mother's Wedding is also in 2020, but she looks younger than she did at Marshall's election campaign, even though they both happened the same year.

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