The Farhampton Train Station is where Ted and The Mother finally meet each other. They meet on the evening of May 26th, 2013

Episode Appearences

  1. Farhampton
  2. Last Forever - Part One.
  3. Last Forever - Part Two.

Other Notes

  • This is also the same train station where Ted and Klaus have the discussion about finding "the One" in 2012.
  • This is the station where Lily & The Mother get off the train that they were riding in The Locket.
  • It is shown in Farhampton that an elderly woman named Bernice is present on the train platform during the night Ted meets The Mother.
  • The very last scene that the cast and crew shot was Ted meeting The Mother at the Farhampton Train Station. It may not be the last scene of the series, but was the last filmed. 
  • The Mother's name is first revealed to be Tracy at the train station.


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