Dr. Sarah O'Brien
Portrayed by:
Beth Lacke
First appearance:
Full name:
Sarah O'Brien
Unknown fianceé
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Dr. Sarah O'Brien is a dermatologist who appeared in Matchmaker.

In Matchmaker, Ted goes to a matchmaking service with a 100% track record called Love Solutions. Ellen Pierce, the woman in charge, convinces him that she can truly help him find a soul mate in 3 days. 5 days later, Ted returns to Love Solutions, only to find that his chances for finding a soul mate are zero. The closest match compatible is Dr. Sarah O'Brien with a compatibility rate of 9.6, but she has already been matched up.

Later, Ted sneaks back in and finds out she is a dermatologist and makes an appointment to see her. He learns that she is engaged and will be getting married in a few days. He tells her that if things change, he'll be available. She calls him up, and while he thinks things have changed, she merely informs him of something she spotted after his appointment. He reveals why he's been coming there, and she tells him to not believe in matchmaking services, and though he was a 9.6 for her, his real soul mate would be a perfect 10.

Notes and Trivia

  • She is the first dermatologist that appeared in the series, the second being Stella (both coincidentally are blonde females).

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