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Derek is a multi-millionaire and was Robin's boyfriend from around the start of December 2005 to the middle of January 2006.

During The Pineapple Incident, Derek was taking Robin to a charity dinner (1500 Dollar a plate) for Third-World Hunger. Barney thought that this only was to get Robin in bed, and "not for little Mu Tu to get his malaria pills". The date apparently went well, since they continued dating. The two were also planning to spend New Year's Eve together, but Derek got stuck in Connecticut with work, however he cut his meeting and came back to see Robin at midnight. They didn't share a kiss though, because of Robin's promise to Ted.

They broke up a while later, because they never really clicked, according to Robin, however it could have been because Robin had feelings for Ted.

Notes and Trivia

  • The gang calls him a billionaire instead of a multi-millionaire, claiming to "round up", which, of course, is mathematical rubbish. They also "rounded up" the cost for the charity dinner to $2000, instead of 1500.
  • Whenever Derek appears or is mentioned, Future Ted says "Pfft! Derek".
  • He appeared in The Limo, but was mentioned in The Pineapple Incident, The Wedding and Slap Bet.
  • He is described as rich, succesful and handsome, and able to reel in ten chicks hotter than Robin.
  • Ted learns in Unpause that Robin's family is also very wealthy.


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