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Frontdesk clerk at the Farhampton Inn
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Curtis is the frontdesk clerk at the Farhampton Inn.


In Coming Back, Curtis is at the front desk when Lily and Ted arrive at the inn. He offers Lily a pamphlet to the Grayson Lighthouse, which he takes back when he learns that her husband might not show up. He is unintentionally condescending to Ted by trying to be sympathetic for the bachelor, which annoys Ted. He later offers Barney strip club locations (which are unwanted).

In How Your Mother Met Me, he treats The Mother in the exact opposite way he treats Ted. Very gracious to her and sympathetic; not condescending tone regarding her not coming as a couple. He gives the key to Robin's mothers room, who hadn't checked in at that point, to The Mother, who shows up in the middle of the night at the Farhampton Inn. The room is located directly next to where Ted and Barney were staying that night.

In Vesuvius, we learn that Curtis is still working at The Farhampton Inn in 2024, and knows Ted and The Mother as "The Mosby's", as they visit there on a regular basis. He assumes that the broken lamp in the bride's room from Barney and Robin's wedding is because of Barney and Robin having sex the night before the wedding.

Episode Appearances

  1. Coming Back
  2. The Lighthouse
  3. How Your Mother Met Me
  4. Sunrise
  5. Vesuvius

Notes and Trivia

  • Roger Bart also made a small appearance in the 1999 film The Insider, directed by Michael Mann. In a role similar to that of Curtis, he portrayed (and was credited as) "Seelbach Hotel Manager", though in the movie his character was addressed as "David McDougal".

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