Crumpet Manor

Crumpet manor

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Crumpet Manor is a hotel where Marshall, Lily and Ted stopped on their 2009 Road Trip to Chicago in the episode Duel Citizenship after discovering that their favorite pizza parlor, Gazzola's, was closing.


According to the current owner, Crumpet Manor is listed in the American Registry of Historic Bed and Breakfasts and has catered to couples since its opening on December 25th, 1881. The Manor is designed for couples; it has a spa offering various treatments, including two-person massages and two-person cornmeal body scrubs. It also has a wishing well.

While Ted planned to drive all night to Gazzola's, Lily organized for them to spend the night at Crumpet Manor, without his knowledge. When they arrived, as Ted was not part of a couple, his only options were to stay in his room or sit on a bench by himself, while Marshall and Lily enjoyed the different spa services on offer.

However, Ted lied to Marshall and then took him to Gazzola's, leaving Lily alone at the manor. When they returned from Gazzola's Marshall felt guilty for leaving Lily, but it turned out that Crumpet Manor had pampered Lily into a near comatose state of relaxation, and she didn't even realize that the guys had left.

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