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Columbia University

Columbia University is the university where Ted taught his Architecture class.


When Ted started working as a college professor, he went to the economics classroom instead of his Architecture class, where the mother was. After Ted realized he was in the wrong classroom, he raced across the University to get to the right classroom.

Known ProfessorsEdit

  • Ted Mosby (Architecture)
  • Calzonetti (Econimics)[1]
  • Professor Leyborne (Physics)[2]

Known StudentsEdit

  • Betty (In Ted's class)
  • Zoey (possibly dropped out)
  • Scott (In Ted's class)
  • Jamie (In Ted's class)
  • Louis ( In Ted's class)
  • Rachel ( In Ted's class)
  • Will ( In Ted's class)
  • Tracy McConnell (In Economics class, graduated)
  • Cindy (In Economics class, graduated)
  • Marshall Eriksen (law school, graduated)


  1. Seen in Definitions
  2. Mentioned in P.S. I Love You as being the hottest professor.

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