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Coat Check Girl
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Coat Check Girl
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The Coat Check Girl is a girl who works at the club Okay.



Coat Check Girl as she appears in Season 8.

In Okay Awesome, Ted and Barney were invited by Robin to the club, Okay. Ted originally had agreed to meet Robin's friend Kelly, but he preferred to go hang out at the coat check area with the Coat Check Girl instead.

In The Time Travelers, the Coat Check Girl walks into MacLaren's. Ted doesn't recognize her, but the other versions of himself and Barney, who are from the future, remind him who she is. Ted says that he always meant to go back and get her number but he didn't. He walks up to her to talk to her but is pulled into a booth by someone. He sees two Coat Check Girls. He asks them who they are, and one of them tells him that they are 20-months-from-now Coat Check Girls (from two parallel universes), one who is obsessed with Ted and whom Ted is sick of, and one who is sick of Ted. He asks her why that will happen and she replies that he has been dating for a long time and it has never gone any other way. He then looks at the present-day Coat Check Girl, who walks out of the bar.

Later it is revealed that this was just Ted's imagination.  

Episode Appearances

  1. Okay Awesome
  2. The Time Travelers

Notes and Trivia

  • She hates New Years' Eve.
  • Her appearance has the longest interval since the first and second appearance, first in Season 1 episode Okay Awesome and her second in the Season 8 episode The Time Travelers, a gap of 178 episodes.
  • Just like Tim Gunn, she reappeared together with Neil Patrick Harris in the 2011 movie The Smurfs.
  • On the Season 1 DVD, if you listen to the alternate commentary with the cast, Neil Patrick Harris blurts out--"she's the mother".
    • However, this was obviously a joke.  

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