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Clint is Virginia Mosby's second husband and Ted and Heather Mosby's step father.


In Home Wreckers, Ted is stunned when his mother, Virginia, and her long-time boyfriend Clint announce they are going to be married. Clint tells Ted his mother is a "very, very erotic woman". Despite Clint's bizarre conversation, Virginia was tremendously excited that someone "so cool" picked her. Ted hoped he might meet his future wife at their wedding. As a gift, Clint gave Ted a painting of himself and Virginia nude.

At the reception, Ted is unable to grasp the fact that his mother is getting married a second time before he has even once, and when Clint begins singing a song, Ted leaves without giving his toast.

Later, Ted goes to see his mother and Clint, and gives them the toast he had meant to give earlier.

After marrying Virginia, he made her and Ted get rid of everything that reminds him of the commercialization of Christmas. He also dresses up as Santa on Christmas, but plays him as a woman to protest gender stereotypes, but he still keeps the beard. (Mentioned by Ted in Symphony of Illumination)


Episode Appearances

  1. How Lily Stole Christmas
  2. Home Wreckers
  3. The Lighthouse


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