For the episode of the same name, see Cleaning House.

This is a gallery of images taken from the How I Met Your Mother episode Cleaning House

  • The gang refuse to help Barney pack up his childhood home.
  • Yet somehow, they find themselves already there.
  • James Stinson enters.
  • James and Loretta hug.
  • James shows Barney and Loretta pictures of his baby.
  • Robin has been talking up Ted to Liz, his blind date.
  • Ted mimics Daniel from The Karate Kid.
  • Lily finds Barney's old basketball shirt.
  • Barney recounts how great a basketball player he was.
  • James reveals Barney was a terrible basketball player.
  • Barney finds his letter from Postmaster General.
  • Postmaster General's letter explains why nobody came to Barney's party.
  • James reveals lies that Loretta told them growing up.
  • Loretta told Barney that Bob Barker was his father.
  • James recounts the people Loretta told him his father was.
  • James realizes his glove from Michael Jackson was another lie.
  • Marshall reassures Ted he'll find the right girl.
  • Lily doesn't want to lie to her kids about Santa.
  • James discovers Loretta and Barney's valentines have the same handwriting.
  • Barney finds a letter addressed to Sam Gibbs.
  • It contains a picture of Barney and James with "Your Son" on the back.
  • Loretta lies again, claiming "Yourson" is a town they visited as kids.
  • Ted is angry Robin's been overselling him to Liz.
  • James tells Barney Sam could be their father and Bob Barker isn't.
  • James leaves to go meet Sam.
  • The rest of the gang accompany him.
  • James prepares to open the door.
  • Despite acting otherwise, Barney knows Bob Barker isn't his father.
  • James and Barney hug.
  • Sam Gibbs opens the door.
  • James explains he is Sam's son, and they hug.
  • Barney shouts "Papa!" and joins their hug.
  • Ted (unnecessarily) explains how Sam couldn't be Barney's father.
  • Barney's ecstatic he's black.
  • James and Sam share a common interest as they play piano and sing.
  • Barney tries to join in on their song.
  • Ted realizes Robin talked Liz up to him.
  • James shows Sam pictures of Sam's grandson.
  • Loretta explains to Barney why she lied, trying to be both parents.
  • Barney reviews his childhood memories.
  • He really did suck at basketball.
  • But his Mom lied about why he couldn't play to make him feel better.
  • No one came to Barney's birthday, so she lied that the invitations were lost.
  • Loretta dresses as Santa as Barney and James look on.
  • Barney rips up the letter with his Father's name on it.
  • Barney and Loretta hug.
  • Barney uses an auto tuner while singing with James and Sam.

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