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Barney Stinson (had coffee date with)
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Claire is the woman Barney performs "The Scuba Diver" from The Playbook.

In The Playbook, Barney is sitting at MacLaren's in a full scuba suit drinking scotch. Lily pulls aside Claire warning her of Barney's villainy. Claire sits down with the rest of the gang as they explains the events that lead up to that night.

The gang along with Claire are curious to find out what the scuba suit is for, so they sits with Barney.

He begins to act cocky, but Barney eventually breaks down, admitting that his breakup with Robin was hurting him, and this was how he coped. Touched, the gang strongly advises Claire to go out with Barney for a cup of coffee. After they leave, the gang gets a text from Barney and finds the description of the "Scuba Diver" under their table at MacLaren's. It was actually an elaborate and long con, involving Lily's disgust at the playbook, revealing Barney's tricks to his prey (Claire), Barney's fake breakdown over his breakup, and his friends encouraging the prey to go with Barney.

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