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Cindy (wife)
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Casey is Cindy's wife.


Season 6

In Big Days, while Ted is sitting in MacLaren's Pub, grading papers, Barney comes and notices that Ted is nervous. He asks him what he's nervous about. Ted reveals that he's been thinking about trying to talk to the beautiful blonde girl at the bar (Casey). Although Barney calls dibs on Casey, Ted later buys his dibs but as he attempts to walk over to the girl, Cindy arrives and greets Casey. Ted quickly sits back down and tries to hide himself, as his relationship with Cindy ended on bad terms. Ted then remembers that although he never met Cindy's roommate, from what he knows about her she could be the one, and that Casey could be the roommate. Cindy later spots Ted, and they go off to speak to one another in private. She apologizes to Ted for her cold demeanor after their break up, and asks if she can do anything for him. Ted suggests setting him up with a friend of hers (thinking about Casey). She tells him to come say goodbye to her before he leaves.

Ted is finally prepared to go speak to Casey at the bar. However, as he approaches, Cindy and Casey start to kiss. Future Ted narrates that that girl wasn't their mother; she ended up being someone else's mother--in fact, they both did, and a clip is shown of Cindy and the other woman with their daughter.

Season 8

In Band or DJ?, it is shown in a flash-forward in four months later, that Ted meets Casey and Cindy on a train ride, a week before Barney and Robin's Wedding. He tells them that the band that was hired to play at wedding cancelled, and asks them if they know a wedding band. Cindy tells him that she recently had brunch with her ex-roommate (The Mother), and her band is available for the weekend.


Cindy and girlfriend
  • Spouse: Cindy
  • Daughter(s): One unnamed daughter

Episode Appearances

  1. Big Days
  2. Band or DJ?

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