Cafe L'amour


First appearance
On the corner of 75th street and Amsterdam avenue in New York City. [1]

Cafe L'amour is a romantic restaurant in New York City, that various members of the gang have visited at one time or another.


In World's Greatest Couple, Marshall finds that it is hard being single after being in a committed relationship for so long. He decides to hang out with Brad and they go to dinner at Cafe L'amour, although Marshall begins to feel like he and Brad are in a romantic relationship.

In Desperation Day, Robin tells Barney that Nora is having dinner with someone at Cafe L'amour. However, this was a trick so he would reveal his feelings for her. 

In The Stinson Missile Crisis, a 'victim' of Barney's getting-laid schemes shows up at the bar, Robin sends her after Barney and Nora, hoping to break them up.

Later, Robin and Ted talk at their apartment and Robin realizes that she was selfish in trying to break up Barney and Nora. She rushes to Cafe L'amour and attacks the girl to stop her from getting to Barney, with both women getting arrested.


  • Brad and Marshall
  • Nora and Barney
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Episode Appearances

This is a list of episodes where Cafe L'amour has been visited or simply mentioned during the episode.

  1. World's Greatest Couple
  2. Garbage Island (mentioned)
  3. The Stinson Missile Crisis


  1. The Stinson Missile Crisis - The name of the restaurant is revealed

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