For the episode of the same name, see Big Days.

This is a gallery of images taken from the How I Met Your Mother episode Big Days.

  • Marshall and Ted share a beer at the wedding.
  • Barney laments the end of summer.
  • Ted eyes the girl at the bar.
  • Barney calls dibs on the girl.
  • Ted argues with Barney over the girl.
  • Lily and Marshall prepare to get pregnant.
  • Barney's wedding scenario: He reveals he had dibs.
  • Ted gets slapped for not respecting Barney's dibs.
  • Barney and the girl begin making out in front of Ted.
  • Robin hasn't handled her break up with Don well.
  • Ted promises to be there for Robin.
  • Robin warns Ted she'll probably try to sleep with him.
  • An unflattering Robin tells Ted "she's ready".
  • Marshall and Lily explain how their night went.
  • Marshall's dad, Marvin Eriksen Sr. sent a bassinet.
  • Lily realizes Marvin knew about their pregnancy attempts.
  • Ted buys Barney's dibs rights off him.
  • Cindy, Ted's ex-girlfriend, greets the girl.
  • Ted hides after finding who the girl is talking to.
  • Cindy still holds a grudge against Ted.
  • Ted realizes the girl could be Cindy's roommate.
  • Lily asks if Marshall's told others about getting pregnant.
  • Marshall's entire office knows.
  • They wish him good luck, and cheer him on.
  • Lily believes Marvin is too involved, and calls her often.
  • Lily asks Marshall to lie and tell his Dad they're not having a baby.
  • Barney tells Robin she's lost "it".
  • Marshall is frustrated, yelling as he leaves.
  • Cindy spots Ted.
  • Robin cleans up nicely, proving she's still got "it".
  • Barney sneaks a glance at the "new" hot Robin.
  • Cindy apologizes to Ted.
  • Ted asks if she can introduce her to the girl.
  • Lily follows Marshall, who realizes his Dad is too involved.
  • Lily explains her hesitation, and Marshall apologizes.
  • Ted realizes the girl and Cindy are lovers.
  • Cindy, her partner and their daughter (in the future).
  • Back at the wedding, Lily calls Ted in.
  • Marshall continues talking about their pregnancy attempts.

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