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Architecture Student
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Betty is a student in Ted's Architecture class.

Character History

Betty seems to be an enthusiastic student, even referred to by Robin as a brown-noser, a sweet person and is legitimately concerned with the well being of Professor Ted.  In The Window, she advises Ted about Maggie Wilks and encourages him to consider whether he's ready for a long term relationship.  In Jenkins, she participates in the Robin Scherbatsky drinking game.  In Canning Randy, she asks about The Arcadian after Zoey brings it up and later skips class to protest with her.  Betty is evidence of Ted's repeated claims that he and his students are buddies, and in Canning Randy she speaks to him informally and seems to genuinely like him.  Betty is generally a good gauge of the mood of the class.  In Legendaddy, she corrected Ted's pronunciation of chameleon.

Episode Appearances

  1. The Window
  2. Jenkins
  3. Canning Randy
  4. Legendaddy

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