Barney and Tracy


Between November 12 and November 19, 2012 between the events of Splitsville and The Stamp Tramp
Started Friendship
Current Status
Former Friends (Their relationship is cut short by Tracy's death)

General Outline

Barney and Tracy's first meeting is way before they actually become friends. In Platonish, when Lily and Robin challenges Barney to pick up a woman while buying diapers and Samosas, he tries hitting on Tracy.

They talk on a bench for a bit, and Tracy convinces Barney to finally go and get Robin. It's their discussion that prompts Barney to write "The Robin". They do not speak to or see one another again until Barney and Robin's wedding reception, where Tracy is the bass player in the wedding band. Barney tries introducing Ted to Tracy, but they meet later at the train station

In 2016, Barney is at Ted and Tracy's house when he and Robin reveal their divorce to the gang.

Barney and Tracy seem to have a close enough relationship that they can zing one another. In 2019 at Robots Versus Wrestlers when Barney reveals that a one night stand got pregnant, Tracy jokes that her name sounds French. Despite their closeness, Tracy is not seen along with TedMarshall, and Lily at the hospital when Barney's daughter is being born.

Barney attends Ted and Tracy's wedding in 2020. 

Their friendship ends when Tracy dies unexpectedly in 2024.

Significant Episodes

Season 9