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Since the beginning of the show, fans have loved the guessing game that is caused by the unknown identity of The Mother. In Challenge Accepted we find out Ted meets his wife (the eponymous character) on the day of Barney's wedding, and in 2011, a new guessing game began: who will Barney marry? In the Season 7 finale , Barney's wife was revealed to be Robin Scherbatsky.

Barney's BrideEdit

The final episode of season 7 revealed that Barney's bride is Robin.

Robin ScherbatskyEdit

  • Robin bride.

    Robin as Barney's bride

    In the end of The Exploding Meatball Sub, ten years after the events of the episode Barney is not shown wearing a wedding ring. Since he has tricked everyone into thinking he is on his death bed for the prank, one would assume his wife should be there. Since the only women present are Robin and Lily, this implies that Robin must be the one. Robin is also seen giving the "Angry Look" described in Robin 101 as she would probably be the most angry if she were his wife.
  • Ted is of course Barney's best man. This may also be a reference to False Positive where Robin asks Ted to be the best man at her wedding.
  • Lily is the one to get Ted when Barney summons him in Challenge Accepted and again in The Best Man when the bride wanted to see him, somewhat implying that she may be the Maid of Honor, which she would be the logical choice if this was Robin's wedding.
  • In The Best Man, Lily realizes Robin still has feelings for Barney when she uses her truth voice (where she is trying to pass something off as a lie when it's actually the truth) saying "I wish Barney were my boyfriend again."
  • In Ducky Tie, Victoria told Ted that all his relationships have failed because Robin is a bigger part of his life than he realizes and that the three of them (Ted, Barney and Robin) hanging out, just as friends, doesn't work. Future Ted reveals that she had been right. He just didn't know it at the time Victoria told him. But since Robin is said to be Aunt Robin in many episodes, they must still be good friends. If that's the case, then what Ted implies is that none of his relationships work until Robin gets married, possibly to Barney where Ted's relationship to the mother begins.
  • In Tick Tick Tick, Barney admits he wants to get back together with Robin after they sleep together. Barney confesses to Nora that it did mean something to him. He puts rose petals on her bed which he then takes off when he realizes that she didn't tell Kevin. He is truly hurt by this so much so that Future Ted says that the next second after finding out lasted a thousand years.
  • In Symphony of Illumination, Robin says the father of her imaginary children is Barney. But this could just be another part of her imagination.
  • After Ted comforts Barney about choosing the right tie at his wedding, Lily comes in to tell Ted the bride wants to see him. This means Barney's wife is familiar and comfortable with Ted, and the only girlfriend of Barney (so far) who is close to Ted is Robin.
  • In Last Cigarette Ever, it is revealed that Robin's last cigarette is in June 2013, which is likely to coincide with the date of Barney's wedding.
  • In The Magician's Code - Part Two, Robin is revealed to be Barney's bride.

  • Season 9 is mostly focused around Barney and Robin's wedding. They finally get married in The End of the Aisle.


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