This is the thirty-ninth entry of Barney's Blog, written by How I Met Your Mother main character Barney Stinson. It was retrieved from the CBS archive Here.

This entry is in response to the episode Swarley.

Swarley's Blog

Tuesday, November 7, 2006, 10:57am

ALERT: the following is not an official blog entry for BARNEY'S Blog. Until my technical team figures out how to remove this affront from, please replace all "Swarley" references with "BARNEY." Swarley isn't even a real name. And it's not funny. I think I know funny, and this isn't… so, you know, just stop.

Dear Readers,

I have an important announcement to make: I'm changing my name to Swarley. I chose this legendary name because it's awe--wait for it--some.

S is for suits. Suit up!
W is for What Would Swarley Do? Anything with boobs.
A is for "Awesome," which is what my best friends Ted and Marshall are.
R is what a pirate says. Happy, Marshall?
L is for "L Swarley," my Mexican counterpart.
E is for "Everybody call me Swarley from now on because that is my name."
Y is for "Y not check out SWARLEY.COM"

Swarley out!

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